Railroads and Railways was (and may still be) an upcoming YouTube series based of the Hit Entertainment series "Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends"\"Thomas and Friends". The series draws inspiration from the Clearwater Entertainment series, "TUGS", and is based on the Island of Sodor, where "Thomas and Friends" takes place. It shows the relationship between the European and the American engines, including their similarities and their differences. The title "Railroads and Railways" refers to the usage of different rail terminology in different countries, which is why all American engines are said to come from "Railroads" whereas all English engines are said to come from "Railways".

 The show has been a very slow work in progress and was originally set to debut by Winter 2009. However, complications have rendered the series cancelled (or at least indefinitely postponed). It doesn't help that I'm a lazy fuck. (XD) If the series is ever released, it may be quite a bit different than I originally intended. For now, here is a list of planned episodes:

 Season 1:

1. The Railroad

2. The Railway

3. The American Engine

4. The McKinley Explorer

5. The Black Widow

6. The Superliner

7. The Super Chief

8. The Return of the Brakevan

9. The Overhaul

10. The Yard

11. The Tram Engine's Troubles

12. The "Old Stuck Up" Engine

13. The Sodor Scrap Company

14. The Sidekick Engines

15. The Milwaukee Express

16. The Huge Engine

17. The Disappearance

18. The Centennial

19. The American Steam Switcher, Part 1: The Little Old Switcher

20. The American Steam Switcher, Part 2: The Ghost Engine

 Season 2:

1. The Other Railway

2. The Narrow Gauge Engines

3. The Generator

4. The Brother of Donald and Douglas

5. The Great Pumpkin

6. The Daylight, The Diesels and the Dockside Crane

7. The Twelve American Engines

8. The Renovations 

9. The New Home

10. The Little Britain 

11. The Last of the Steam Engines 

12. The Search 

13. The Tale

14. The Scrap Engines 

15. The Montanans

16. The Switchers 

17. The Oldest of Twins

18. The Great Little Trains of Sodor 

19.The Return of the Tank Engine, Part 1: The Reunion

20.The Return of the Tank Engine, Part 2: The Truth Revealed


 Season 3:

1. The Flagship 

2. The Revival 

3. The Coup

4. The Stories 

5. The Investigation

6. The Standards

7. The Thoughts

8. The Long Road Back 

9. The Secret

10. The Reputation 

11. The Stalemate

12. The Group 

13. The Wise Old Engine

14. The Tour 

15. The Revolution

16. The Independents 

17. The Great Northern 

18. The Pumpkin 

19. The Engines of Sodor, Part 1: The Railroad

20. The Engines of Sodor, Part 2: The Railway 


Possible Series 4 Lineups:

1. The Newest of Railways 

2. The Bright Grande Engines

3. The Dark Grande Engines

4. The Skarloey Railway Engines

5. The Arlesdale Railway Engines

6. The Culdee Fell Engines

7. The Branch Line Engines

8. The North Western Engines

9. The Hidden Valley Engines 

10. The Sudrics


Voices in the series:


Sir Topham Hatt's Engines (Fleet 1)-

#1 Thomas the Tank Engine- TBA

#2 Edward the Blue Engine- yourmamaluigi

#3 Henry the Green Engine- yourmamaluigi

#4 Gordon the Big Engine- TBA

#5 James the Red Engine- TBA

#6 Percy the Small Engine- WilbertVereAwdry

#7 Toby the Tram Engine- WilbertVereAwdry

#8 Duck the Great Western Engine- TBA

#9 Donald the Scottish Twin Engine- TBA

#10 Douglas the Scottish Twin Engine- TBA

#11 Oliver the Western Engine- TBA

#12 Emily the Emerald Engine- TBA

SCC #1 Bill the Tank Engine Twin- TBA

SCC #2 Ben the Tank Engine Twin- TBA

FQC #1 Mavis the Quarry Diesel- yourmamaluigi

Diesel the Devious Diesel- TBA

Salty the Dockside Diesel- TBA

'Arry the Smelter Diesel- TBA

Bert the Smelter Diesel- TBA

Diesel 10 the Evil Diesel- TBA 

Splatter the Sidekick Diesel- TBA

Dodge the Sidekick Diesel- TBA

Sir Jacob Jones' Engines (Fleet 2)-

#1 (3035) Pumpkin the Pacific Engine- WilbertVereAwdry

#2 (3015) Alaska the Northern Engine- TBA

#3 (6440) Laurel the Black Widow Engine- TBA

#3b (8293) Daniel the Black Widow B Unit Engine- TBA

#4 (25) Adam the Genesis Engine- TBA

#5 (2325) Warrior the Workhorse Switcher Engine- WilbertVereAwdry 

#6 (70) Hercules the Huge Engine- WilbertVereAwdry 

#7 (4052) Donald the Switcher Twin Engine- TBA

#8 (4053) Douglas the Switcher Twin Engine- TBA

Santano the Steam Switcher\Ghost Engine- WilbertVereAwdry

Dash the Freight Engine- TBA

Bobo the Freight Engine- TBA

Lumpy the Foreign Engine - TBA

Chance the Montanan Engine- TBA

Brandon the Montanan Engine- TBA 

Samuel the Montanan Switcher Engine- TBA 


Hidden Railway Engines-

#1 (9297) Garrison The Great Pumpkin Engine- TBA

#2 (4809) Grampus The Submarine Engine- WilbertVereAwdry

#3 (215) Leo The Twin Passenger Engine- TBA

#4 (216) Lilly The Twin Passenger Engine- TBA

#5 (31C) Holly The Huge Passenger Engine- TBA

#6 (4056) Dennis The Switcher Twin Engine- TBA

#7 (4064) Dennys The Switcher Twin Engine- TBA

#8 (4638) Michael the Mighty Western Engine- TBA

(4425) Collin the Rock Engine- TBA 

(890) Collin's Friend- TBA

Visiting Engines-

Spencer The Silver Engine- TBA
Francis The Super Chief Engine- TBA
Daylight the Golden State Engine- TBA
Daylight's friends the Small Twin engines- TBA
The Centennial Engine- TBA
The "Old Stuck Up" Diesel- TBA
The Diesel- TBA

Narrow Gauge Engines-

Skarloey the Brave Engine- TBA
Rheneas the Gallant Engine- TBA
Sir Handel the Steamroller Engine- TBA
Peter Sam the Special Funnel Engine- TBA
Rusty the Little Diesel- TBA
Duncan the Rock'n Roll Engine-WilbertVereAwdry
Freddie the Fearless Engine- TBA
Duke the Lost Engine- TBA
Bertram the Old Warrior Engine- TBA
Smudger the Generator Engine- WilbertVereAwdry
Rolling Stock-

Annie and Clarabel- TBA
Henrietta- TBA
Martha and Jennifer- TBA
Victoria and Helena- TBA
Talkeetna, Kenai, Knik and Deshka- TBA
Gordon's Express Coaches- TBA
James' Express Coaches- TBA
Brock's Milwaukee Coaches- yourmamaluigi
Troublesome Trucks- TBA
The Spiteful Brakevan- WilbertVereAwdry
William The Wise Caboose- WilbertVereAwdry


Sir Topham Hatt- TBA
Mr. Jacob Jones- WilbertVereAwdry
The Conductors- TBA
Bertie The Bus- WilbertVereAwdry
Harold The Helicopter- WilbertVereAwdry
Terence the Tractor- TBA
Cranky the Dockside Crane- TBA


Plot Synopses:



Season 1-

1. The Railroad-

In this pilot episode, we meet Sirs Jacob and Steven Jones, who run a branchline railroad in California and Arizona, which is closing down. They sadly sell all but one engine, which they try to get off their hands, and they are desperate to find a buyer... FAST.

2. The Railway-

In this episode we are reintroduced to the Island of Sodor, where a little blue tank engine name Thomas and his friends live. It is the dead of winter, and business is at a record low. Either Sir Topham Hatt, the controller of the railway, has to invest all his savings in a new engine, or the consequences will be disastrous!

3. The American Engine-

Here we are finally introduced to the new engine all the way from California. He quickly takes to working on Sodor, but many of the engines still have their doubts about this hard-working creature. Soon he pulls the railway economy back up, but not the others' hearts. Eventually, he rescues some of the engines when they wreck, and they accept him and reward him a nickname--"Pumpkin".

4. The McKinley Explorer-

After the engines grow to love Pumpkin, they begin seeing ghosts of him in the summer nights and believe he has brought a curse to the gentle island. They let their anger get the best of them, and try to run Pumpkin out of town. Eventually, Sir Topham Hatt puts an end to it when he reveals their "ghost", a new engine named Alaska.

5. The Black Widow-

An old engine come to the island to help with mixed traffic work and the engines try to figure her out. As the engines slowly realise the modernization of their gentle railway with heavy American diesels, they try to make sure that Laurel and Daniel are the last diesels to ever brace their rails. But the new engine proves very useful, and their plight may be hard to overcome.

6. The Superliner-

While Gordon is away, a new engine takes his place with a sleek new passenger train called the "Superliner". The passengers are very impressed with the new service, and they begin to favor Adam and his Superliner over Gordon's composite coaches. When he returns from Crewe, Gordon gives Adam a run for his money.

7. The Super Chief-

When a new diesel arrives on the island, he causes nothing but trouble for the other engines. The mean new diesel tries to scrap the steam engines, particularly Thomas. Meanwhile Percy breaks down, and Francis nearly crashes into him and Thomas. Soon afterward, Thomas' pipes break, and he risks being scrapped by Francis.

8. The Return of the Brakevan-

An old foe returns when a brakevan is quickly assembled on short notice. The new spiteful brakevan quickly makes havoc for the other engines, and things go wrong with the van as they did before. The van bangs the trucks, insults the engines, and makes the trains late. But soon the heat is on when a fuel tanker gets punctured...

9. The Overhaul-

As Henry has still been at Crewe since his crash with James last winter, he is rebuilt along with James, who gets a longer wheelbase and larger firebox. While they are gone, work piles up and three new engines are ordered, but they can't arrive fast enough.

10. The Yard-

Henry and James finally arrive back from their overhaul and rebuild, and the three new engines arrive as well-Warrior, Donald, and Douglas. The three switchers quickly take to the yard, but Warrior scares Percy. Donald and Douglas befriend everyone, and Percy realises that the Isle is quickly become modernized by diesels. He tries to get rid of the diesel engines, but this may be harder than he hoped...

11. The Tram Engine's Troubles-

Toby is wearing down, and soon he finds himself struggling with the trucks. One day, he is asked to take a large train down from Anopha Quarry, and the trucks get the better on him. Soon, it's off the rails and on the walls for Toby the Tram Engine.

12. The "Old Stuck Up"-

The acceptance of diesel and steam is pushed to the limit when an old diesel returns to the island. He causes trouble for the engines and reestablishes a bad reputation for the diesels. The engines must find a way to get rid of the old enemy before he tricks the others...

13. The Sodor Scrap Company-

As the scrap company buys new rolling stock, it worries the steam engines that they will soon go. It doesn't help when 'Arry and Bert scare them into believing they will be scrapped.

14. The Sidekick Engines-

In this episode, we investigate the mystery of what happened to Splatter and Dodge, Diesel 10's ex-sidekicks. Things get juicy when 'Arry and Bert reveal more than they were hoping for...

15. The Milwaukee Express-

The biggest passenger diesel the engines have ever seen arrives on Sodor. He arrives with 5 new coaches for the island's Centennial celebrations. As he is wooing the passengers, the composite express loses money, and Brock, the new engine, must come to terms with the fat controller.

16. The Huge Engine-

As the celebrations continue, a massive engine arrives for show and heavy goods work. Hercules' huge size causes him to inadvertently tear up the tracks, and he proves more destructive than helpful. Eventually, he stalls over a bridge which can't support his weight, and he has to be rescued by Donald and Douglas. Still, he is very kind and must find a way into the engines' hearts.

17. The Disappearance-

Right after Donald and Douglas rescue Hercules, they disappear with no leads as to where they have gone. This causes an uproar among all the engines. When only one engine with an idea on their disappearance is available, they try to bring him over to help. But this may prove difficult, and without them, yard work is piling up...

18. The Centennial-

After long preparations, the Island of Sodor's Centennial celebrations finally arrive. As a surprise, Sirs Jacob and Steven Jones have brought the biggest diesel in the world, the "Centennial", to the festivities. But the massive creature only causes trouble, and soon Hercules wants a race to see how good he really is.

19. The American Steam Switcher, Part 1-The Little Old Switcher-

An old engine is saved from scrap and brought to Sodor to do Donald and Douglas' work. After a complete overhaul and rebuilt, the poor little engine just can't do much more than splutter and shake. All the engines quickly grow to love him and they try to help him as best they can, but none of their efforts work. Now, Santano the switcher engine is at risk for being scrapped after all.

20. The American Steam Switcher Part 2- The Ghost Engine-

In this finale episode of season 1, Sir Jacob Jones takes Santano away, much to the protest of the engines. It is not revealed what happened to him, and all the engines become deeply sad for their friend. Many of them start seeing ghosts of the switcher too. This piques their curiosity, and they go on strike until they know what happened to Santano...



Season 2-

1 .The Other Railway-

On a night excursion, Thomas discovers a new branchline on an uninhabited part of the island. He digs deeper to find more information about this "hidden railway", and meets some new friends in the process.

2 .The Narrow Gauge Engines-

In this episode, we are reunited with the narrow gauge engines, and Skarloey must rescue Duke from falling into a stream at the mouth of a tunnel. Then, it's on to the wharf for a special celebration.

3. The Generator-

After the Celebration for Skarloey, Duke begins having bad nightmares and daydreams of an engine from his past. After an excavation project over the ex-Mid Sodor Railway, an old enemy returns.

4. The Brother of Donald and Douglas-

An old engine finally arrives to help with Donald and Douglas' disappearence and tries to find them. As the only lead, he is the only one who could help them, but he is needed in the yard as well.

5. The Great Pumpkin-

During the Halloween festivities, Dennis brings forth a friend to unearth an old rumor.

6. The Daylight, the Diesels and the Dockside Crane-

During Christmastime on Sodor, Sir Topham Hatt brings over an engine to liven up the quiet landscape. But the new friend is soon in danger when an old enemy comes back to Sodor, and he commissions the help of Cranky, 'Arry and Bert to help scrap him. But the roles are soon reversed when the Daylight isn't shining on their parade.

7. The Twelve American Engines-

Thomas and his friends have won an excursion throughout the states. See them meet some of their fans from across the pond. 

8. The Renovations-

During his engines' time in the United States, Sir Topham Hatt realizes that his noble fleet may not be as useful as they once were. As a result, he begins plans to revolutionize the Sodor Railway network while still giving honor to his most well-spoken engines.

9. The New Home-

The North Western Engines' time in America is almost finished, but when they return home, they find that the Island of Sodor is not as they remember it. The heat is on as they do their best to prove that they are all just as useful as they have ever been. 

10. The Little Britain-

After a disheartening week of trying to prove Sir Topham Hatt wrong about retiring them, the North Western Engines target their efforts instead on the immigrants that they feel have taken their jobs. It's an all-out war, British-style, as they do everything they can to get rid of the American engines once and for all. 

11. The Last of the Steam Engines-

As a last-ditch effort to prove the engines wrong in their opinions of him, Sir Topham Hatt, with the help of Sir Steven Jones, brings in one last engine from across the pond. Hoping it will soothe the problem, Sir Topham is glad to have him aboard, but the others' opinions are just as mixed as ever. It will take a lot of effort for the newcomer to prove himself and earn a name among the Sodor family. 

12. The Search-

With Michael aboard the team, peace has once again come on the Island. But it never occurs until it's to late to the steam engines that some of their diesel friends have gone missing, and now the search is on for some of the kindest diesels they have ever known.

13. The Tale-

Hercules has a theory regarding the missing engines and sets out to see if it's true on his own. At the same time, Hiro and several others must return home, so the railways are losing engines left and right. Hercules and several others know where they can find so more friends to help them out, but getting them to Sodor won't be easy, and it's going to cost quite a bit in return.

14. The Scrap Engines-

Scrap has become somewhat of a hobby on the Island of Sodor, despite protests from Sir Topham Hatt and the other railway leaders. However, the railway economy hangs in the balance of profit and it has become the best way to make quick money. Life for the engines has become a game of chicken as they each fight for survival, but sooner or later, someone's got to go for the common good. Who will it be? 

15. The Montanans-

After a brutal few months, it seems the railways can return to their once great state. All the engines have been bringing in good profits for the industry, and the railway leaders are pleased. Everyone almost forgets that two new engines are due to arrive, and a place must be found for the new diesels.

16. The Switchers-

Warrior feels lonely with the advent of the freight- and passenger-engines, but no switcher engines to keep him company besides Mavis. Finding a companion is equally tricky as finding him, but with a tip from the two latest Northerners, Sir Jacob Jones may find another friend for Warrior at last. 

17. The Oldest of Twins-

Life on the standard gauge railways is back to normal. However, stress on the narrow gauge engines has brought about needs for more power. Despite protests from a belligerent Duke and Bertram, Mr. Percival knows that a little help is needed, so he calls for help from someone who can humble even the most belligerent attitudes of Duke and Bertram. 

18. The Great Little Trains of Sodor-

The Skarloey Railway is constantly expanding. With two little old friends there to assist in the growing demands, the little engines are the happiest they've been in years. But time brings changes, and they find themselves faced with a whole set of new obstacles that will put even Skarloey the Brave into questioning.

19. The Return of the Tank Engine Part 1- The Reunion-

On a night trip to England, Thomas comes to face with one of his most horrific memories. Dark secrets will be revealed, and he must find a way to help an old friend with a horrid past.

20. The Return of the Tank Engine Part 2- The Truth Revealed-

After a devastating reunion, Thomas must reveal an unwanted secret from his past to all the other engines. This quickly changes their views about him, and now he must find a way back into their hearts, and his brother's.



Season 3:

1. The Flagship-

Due to some recent events, it seems the railways are in need of a new representative, but who will it be? Who could represent the North Western Railway even better than Thomas himself? 

2. The Revival-

While the North Western flagship engine carries out his duties faithfully, the others doubt their place on the Sodor railways will carry out much longer. They begin plans to shift the axis of power once again in their favor, all the while forgetting what it was Sir Topham Hatt intended for the railway lifestyle in the first place.

3. The Coup

Henry, Gordon and James will not stop being wary of what they feel is a "takeover". They try and convince their best friends to help them organize a coup in order to liberate the land from diesel engines, all the while forgetting the long-standing relationships they have with many of the diesels around them. 

4. The Stories

Word has spread to the little engines of the hills that the big engines are unhappy with Sirs Jacob and Steven Jones, and their fleet of mismatched engines. Not feeling any of the trouble the main line engines feel themselves, Skarloey, Rheneas, Duke and the others organize a get-together with some of their friends on the North Western in order to convince them that not all of the diesels are bad.

5. The Investigation

Sensing a growing riff between the two engine fleets, the railway leaders must find a way to help the engines resolve their differences. Wondering why his engines are slowly turning on all their new friends, Sir Topham Hatt makes a special journey by himself to gather a little more about the unknowns of Pumpkin, Alaska and their friends. 

6. The Standards

The engines of Fleet 2 are growing worried. Despite all their efforts to be friends with the Fleet 1 engines, nothing seems to work, despite them being friends before. Holly, Grampus and the others decide to do a little investigating themselves and do their part to resolve the tension, but their efforts are growing thin, as is the patience of the other engines, until Sir Topham Hatt decides to raise the bar for his engines. 

7. The Thoughts

Adam has grown homesick, and Laurel and Daniel are worried. Realizing what sickness can do to an engine, she must help Adam figure out what truly matters to him. It doesn't help that Brock and his B-Unit, Jazz, have been feeling the same way and consider returning home themselves. 

8. The Long Road Back

Hercules finally returns to his new home on Sodor, empty-handed from his search for Donald and Douglas. Confused and weary, Brock and Jazz give him the whole spiel as to what happened in his absence, and he is far from happy at the route his railroad's gone.

9. The Secret

Warrior takes a visit to the Vicarstown Dieselworks to find out a little bit more about Sodor's more "native" diesels, doubting that diesels have ever had a strong influence on the railway. What he finds surprises him, but also leads to an important clue of the bearings of Donald and Douglas, which Dennis and Dennys are more than happy to crawl all over to get.  

10. The Reputation

When the true location of the switcher twins is revealed, Hercules, Garrison and the other engines of Fleet 2 are furious. They realize that the gentle-hearted engines of Sir Topham Hatt's railway may not be so kind as the had given them credit for, and Hercules takes it upon himself to find a way to get back at them, despite warnings from Grampus, Leo and Lilly.

11. The Stalemate

When Sir Topham Hatt threatens to dismantle or send away Hercules for his actions against the latter's engines, Sir Steven Jones intervenes and confronts him for his actions against his engines as well. A stalemate engaged between them, the two railway owners must formulate a new plan to work together or risk having the credibility of their railway lines exposed. 

12. The Group

The engines are once again reminded of the importance of friendship and working together, and it seems that whatever struggles came between them before are gone. Yet nothing ever stays the same, and Thomas once again finds a way to start conflict between the two fleets, while Edward acts as Devil's advocate.

13. The Wise Old Engine

Edward, displeased at the way his railway has turned, meets with Grampus. They ask advice from King Godred, the Culdee Fell Railway's new no.1, in hopes of getting rid of their friends' childish disputes once and for all, even after they were so close to achieving peace before.

14. The Tour

Some of the engines take King Godred's advice to heart, especially Michael and Samuel, who take a tour together throughout other parts of Britain in order to understand more about the engines who live there. 

15. The Revolution

After getting to know a little bit more about the engines and the people of the British region, the engines of Fleet 2 are convinced that peaceful coexistence can indeed work. More importantly, the engines of Fleet 1realize how foolishly they have been acting over the years and set out not only to change themselves, but the others' opinions and relationships with them.

16. The Independents

When the engines of Fleet 2 declare themselves free from the North Western Railway, no one seems to notice or care until the profits that Sir Topham Hatt's engines bring in go down. With their railway losing business to the new Hidden Valley Railroad, the North Western engines must decide for themselves if losing their friends is worth it. 

17. The Great Northern

Dark times lie ahead for Thomas, Pumpkin and their friends as talks of wars escalate well beyond casual rumor. Understanding the implications these talks could have, Alaska takes it upon herself to make sure that these rumors never come true. But this is easier said than done as Alaska struggles to keep both the peace and her sanity. 

18. The Pumpkin

As the war approaches, a rebel gang of engines gathers to fight for their claim of the Sodor Railway Network. Meanwhile, the steam engines are oblivious to the group's leader, none other than pleasant old Pumpkin himself. However, his reasons for leadership are hardly recognized to anyone besides himself, and he risks throwing off the delicate balance of the entire Island.

19. The Engines of Sodor, Part 1: The Railroad

All Hell breaks loose in this beginning of the Season 3 finale. All attempts at keeping the war suppressed have failed. Now it's a matter of basic survival for Pumpkin and his friends if they wish to keep their claim on the Island of Sodor, but there is no way the original engines of the North Western Railway are going to give up without a fight.

20. The Engines of Sodor, Part 2: The Railway 

With the railway gaining ground against the railroad, victory seems to be in the near future for Thomas and the other North Western engines. But if their island is to retain itself in the balance, they must realize before it's too late the cost of their actions, or the entire Sodor universe could be destroyed. It's high stakes and high smoke in this exciting finale of Season 3. 



And, just because I'm generous (and I know no one reads this crappy stuff anyway), here is a list of some of the prototype locomotives for some of my characters. Question marks in parentheses indicate that the year of production is not exactly known, or that one or more details about that particular locomotive are unknown. Note also that some locomotives do not necessarily share the same history and/or lineage as their prototypes indicated.

Note also that several engines come from The Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe (ATSF), Burlington Northern (BN), and Burlington Northern and Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroads. While these lines have been merged to form what is now the BNSF Railway, the difference in names of the railroads the engines come from is a result of the time period of each railway they came from. For example, some engines were part of the ATSF or the BN before the merge that formed the BNSF, so their histories coincide with the history of the arrival on that particular railway, not necessarily present accuracy for the BNSF era.

Pumpkin: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad GP40X B-B #3035 circa 1977

Alaska: Alaska Railroad GP40 B-B GP-40 circa 1977

Laurel: Southern Pacific Railroad F7 A-Unit B-B #6440 circa 1949

Daniel: Southern Pacific Railroad F7 B-Unit B-B #8293 circa 1953

Adam: Amtrak P42 "GE Genesis" B-B #25 circa 1992 (?)

Francis: Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad F7 A-Unit B-B #307 circa 1950 (?)

Warrior: Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Winton-engined switcher, B-B type. Exact prototype unknown, most likely a NW-type switcher. #2325 circa 1935-1938

Donald: Burlington Northern Railroad RS-2 B-B #4052 circa 1946 (?)

Douglas: Burlington Northern Railroad RS-2 B-B #4053 circa 1946 (?) 

Brock: Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad E8/9 A-Unit #32A C-C circa 1956

Jazz:  Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad E8/9 B-Unit #34B C-C circa 1956

Hercules: Union Pacific Railroad DD35A D-D #70 circa 1963

"Centennial": Union Pacific Railroad DD40X D-D #6922 circa 1969 (?)

Santano: Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad 0-4-0T Dockside steam switcher, year and number unknown

Kent: London, Brighton and South Coast Railway\British Railways E2 #100 0-6-0 circa 1913


Hidden Railway Engines and More:

Leo: Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad F7 A-Unit #215 B-B circa 1949 (?)

Lilly: Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad F7 A-Unit #216 B-B circa 1949 (?)

Collin: Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad GP7 #4425 B-B circa 1949-1954 (?)

Dennis: Burlington Northern Railroad RS-3 B-B #4056 circa 1952

Dennys:  Burlington Northern Railroad RS-3 B-B #4064 circa 1953

Grampus: Burlington Northern Railroad U-50 #4809 B-B+B-B circa 1963, exact history unknown (?)

Garrison: Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railroad SD60M #9297 C-C circa 1991

Holly: Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad E8/9 C-Unit #31C C-C circa 1956

"Daylight": Southern Pacific Railroad GS-4 #4449 4-8-4 circa 1941

"Daylight's Friends": Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad 0-6-0T steam switchers, #123 and #147. Year and history unknown.

Michael: Pennsylvania Railroad I1s\Pennsylvania Railroad K4 Hybrid/Rebuild for the Canadian National Railway, 2-10-0 #4638. Year unknown. (?)

"Collin's Friend": Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad GP50 #890 B-B circa 1950 (?)

"The Montana Rail Link Diesels": Montana Rail Link Railroad SD40-2 C-C, #252 and #253 circa 1970s-1980s

Samuel: Montana Rail Link Railroad SW1200 #14 B-B circa 1954 (?) 

King Godred: Fantasy Engine. 0-4-0T steam switcher rebuilt to 0-4-0 mountain engine.


 More to be announced later. Thanks for reading.